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Financial Assistance

The cost of a Southampton Academy education can be prohibitive for many families. Limited financial assistance funds are both budgeted and received from local grant agencies to support the enrollment of mission-appropriate students and families. Students on financial assistance should demonstrate the highest regard for school mission and values and contribute positively to the community and culture of the school. Families may be declined financial assistance if parents or students demonstrate disregard for the well-being of the institution. Financial assistance is only available for students in grades K-12. PreK tuition is a tax-deductible expense.

Third Party Analysis

Families must complete applications online at School and Student Services. A Parents' Financial Statement is required of each family or each parent in the case of divorced or separated families. The parents’ most recent tax returns must be provided to SSS for verification of income. SSS will determine when a family qualifies for a fee waiver and will automatically grant it.


Award Notification

The SSS application code number for Southampton Academy is 7419. The SSS call center helpline for families is 800-344-8328.  Deadline for current families is March 8, 2024 to be considered in the first round of awards.. New families receive financial assistance on a first-come, first-served basis after the returning family deadline.



The Academy—not SSS—determines awards of financial assistance based upon parents’ needs, current and projected enrollment, funds available, and other school-related financial factors. Personal financial information provided to SA is treated confidentially, and all financial assistance awards are considered confidential. Parents may share additional personal information with the financial assistance committee through a personal letter uploaded to the SSS portal.



Financial assistance and student scholarships are not automatically renewed, and families must apply for assistance on an annual basis. Merit-based scholarships are primarily for Middle and Upper School students. Click here for a list of merit-based scholarships.

Friendly Circle

What else?

Visit the School and Student Services Family Resource Center to learn more about the analysis process.

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