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Giving Tuesday, The Annual Fund


The Academy is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Contributions to the institution are tax deductible. Revenue is driven by tuition, and, with the exception of a one-time COVID-relief infusion, the school does not receive any public funds from federal, state, or local tax dollars. The Academy's zero-based budget does not generate an annual profit to instead focus on individual revenue streams and reducing operating expenses. Other revenue streams include support from local foundations, fund-raising (i.e. Boosters, PTO, events, etc.) and auxiliary programs (i.e. ECP, summer, lunch, etc.).

The average spent to educate a public school student in the state of Virginia is approximately $13,500. The average tuition and fees paid per student at Southampton Academy is $7,700 while the average cost to educate an SA student is approximately $10,400. Philanthropic donations help cover the "gap" between tuition revenue and our real cost to educate a student at the Academy, approximately $2,700.

The Annual Fund consists of cash donations from parents, faculty, grandparents, and alumni to support professional development for teachers, technology for classrooms, field trip experiences for students, and financial assistance for families. The Annual Fund should provide between 10-30% of a school's operating budget. Less than 1% of the Academy's revenue comes from Annual Fund donations.

We need your help...

On Tuesday, November 29, #GivingTuesday, please consider making a charitable donation to Southampton Academy to help us "cover the gap" between tuition and the real cost to educate a student. Click here to make an online gift or consider completing a pledge card in carpool on Tuesday, November 29.

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