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Summer Resources

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Southampton Academy students of all ages are encouraged to read as much as possible over the summer, and students in several grades have required summer reading and math assignments.


Even though it is the “off-season,” it is important for students to continue their learning through the summer while still having time for the all-important family, friends, and play. Sometimes, over the summer months, students “lose” some of the critical learning from the previous school year. Research shows that learning loss is more significant in rural areas of the country than in urban neighborhoods (Johnson, et al, 2022). Teachers have included some ideas/work in the areas of language arts and mathematics to help children stay sharp over the summer.

In middle and upper school, summer reading and review is an important "ramp up" to the new school year. For example, it is highly recommended that middle school students practice math at least 60 minutes (total) per week in the months of July and August to improve performance when the school year starts. In the most academically rigorous courses--identified as Honors, AP, and DC/DE (dual credit/dual enrollment)--summer work is a required component as students go deeper into curricular topics and lean into college-readiness.

This article, How to Make Summer Reading Effective, published by the National Summer Learning Association offers tips for maximizing the benefits of summer reading. Follow the links below for your student's summer work resources:


Beginning in middle and upper school, students are required to purchase their textbooks for classes. Editions and volumes may change from year-to-year, dependent upon the most appropriate version to keep the curriculum current and relevant.

The list includes the appropriate edition, indicated by a year in parentheses, and the 13-digit ISBN number with a link for ordering on (Using your account will direct a percentage of your purchase to SA!). Please note in the Who Purchases column if you should purchase (student), if SA provides (SA), or if the school purchases the book and then distributes to students after school starts (student through SA).

For any questions about your student's schedule, please reach out to Susan Everett, Director of College Counseling, at


The enrollment packet produces the majority of school forms as digital documents completed during the admissions and enrollment process. There are a few additional forms that must be completed separately, either online or as an uploaded pdf (download, print, complete, upload). The following forms fall into that category.

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